Thursday, March 31, 2011

Does Not Want to Catch 'Em All

I've concluded I resent the phrase "caught a cold". Generally when one catches something it implies they had the desire, made the effort to. Yet when one catches a cold that is - more often than not - not the case at all. Rather it is the cold, I think, that catches you. A cold can catch, tickle, ravage, and wipe you out. You on the other can, can not do that to the cold. So why on Earth would someone ask me if I caught one, like it was something to actively try to achieve?

And then there's that final insult to injury of congestion, which can make a normally civilized person suffer the indignity of being forced to become a mouth breather. Further, if one is not in the habit of breathing through their mouth when they sleep they find they'll end up with very little sleep as the body keeps reminding them, "You're not breathing at all, wake up!"

Nothing can make an adult - of any age - feel quite like a child again like getting sick.