Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Experience The O of Angels in Your Mouth

[Picture intensive entry.  All taken from my phone, so forgive that.]

Step 1:  The dough.  Here we have a chocolate chip-oatmeal texture going.  Gluten-free, proper butter.  Already delicious.  Do not consume before recipe is done or you'll have no cookies.
(I'm told this looks like vomit.  The similarities end there, I promise.)
Step 2:  Bacon.  Cut that sucker up, slices to chunks (more or less the size of the chocolate chips).

2a:  Fry it up so you don't end up poisoning yourself.
Step 3:  Mix the dough and bacon chunks together, then divide into cookie sizes on baking tray.

3a:  Taste for "quality control".
Step Hot: Put in oven for 12-ish minutes.  (Depending on preference of crisp-to-gooey.)

Step Important:  Ration out, add ice-cream.

Another Step:  Devour.  Savour.  Change underwear.  You're welcome.

They can be made as proper ice-cream sandwiches if one isn't lazy/impatient.  Unlike us.  Otherwise, the spirit (read: melty-orgasm-delicious) is still all there.