Monday, April 16, 2012

Well, I'll Probably Never Starve...

So after injuring my knees on Insanity (by simply being neglectful to my body's early warnings - don't do that), I've had to stop.  For now.  Skipping over the part where this is a spectacular downer/setback.... Well long rambling "story" short, this somehow connects to me putting up photos off my phone of all the things I've been making in the mean time.  Cheers!

Chronologically from oldest:

Christmas dinner.  Okay, long before I even started Insanity.  I just take a picture of our meals at nearly every family function.  Look at that memory, how could I not!

Apparently my dealing with it not-being-summer is by making salmon summer salad.  I'm okay with this.

What's a girl to do with extra pita lying around?  Oh, I know!  Improvised pizza with tomato, Italian sausage, parmesan, pesto sauce, mushrooms, spinach (+ spices).

No photo of the finished product, but this was the prep for my boys' 0430 return from work (crazy bartenders) when I was crashing at their place. Totally just took this to taunt/motivate them.  Three types of curries, greenie there's a spinach-base.

 Setting the table for sister's waffle-themed breakfast.  Oh, there's more coming.

This, I learned, is what doing waffles right looks like.

And now you've seen what 5+ lbs of bacon looks like.

Blue Devil eggs w/ jalapeno hummas and garlic chips. You don't even know.

It reached 28C in March.  MARCH.  CANADA.  This led to spring time sunning and successful experiments with vodka, almond milk and Caribbean "mixed essence".

Eggplant fries and mackerel marinaded with teriyaki, basil, lemon juice, pepper and a pinch of wasabi, on a salad bed.  One my favourite things I've made recently.

Some Jelly Bellies, some yogurt raisins, and some Reeses mini eggs - nested in maple macaroons.

 To be clear, I didn't make this- but I did help consume the hell out of it.  [Not pictured: my spicy jalapeno vodka.]  Clearly, my best friend needs more 25th birthdays.  Or Sundays.  I'm not picky, as long as we keep doing them right.

 Fudge babies. With a little minty after-birth.
Secretly healthy: Dates, cocoa powder, Kashi Crunch. 20 cal per.

Brunette whole-wheat banana bread. (Top layer has added cocoa powder.)
With almonds, blueberries and cranberries inside.

Salmon, marinaded in Chardonnay mustard, lemon, paprika and ginger on a bed of steamed veggies, jalapeno, pepperocini, spinach and flax seed.
Experiment success!

Curried corned beef and zucchini on a bed of spicy "mashed potatoes" (a.k.a. cauliflower)

 Meet Easter Appetisers, Dinner and Dessert.  Actually, just most of Dessert.  I snapped this before 4 pies came out.  Which left 2 in reserve - no joke.  Oh, and one doughnut tray, because one aunt thought it was acceptable to bring Timmies for some mind-bending reason.

 Wrap Night.  It's becoming a thing of pure sublimity.  Incredibly healthy but also obscenely delicious.  Literally.  D can't stop swearing half the time his mouth's not filled with food.  Being full is not a guarantee of stopping eating.  That night was cod, marinated in vodka and various Asiatic spices, cashew-embedded chicken with radishes and cilantro, beef strips with mushrooms and onions in...I can't remember. It's red, so I want to say tomato-based.  My personal favourite was also shrimp, eggplant and avocado that made everyone require fresh underwear... and finally, spicy-as-fuck (see? obscene) stir-fried veggies. 

So.  What's the lesson from this?  Stop taking pictures on my phone, it does nothing to capture flavours or how good things actually look.  Tch!

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