Friday, June 1, 2012

Suddenly! A Less Mossy Rock

So motivated by a sale deadline I designed some new business cards pour moi last night.  Inspired by my graphic resumé (which the QR code takes you to), I like the continuity there but...honestly, wouldn't have been my first design choice as a stand-alone.
It'll be nice to actually be able to have something to hand out to people when they ask again.  The only part that wasn't outdated on my old ones was the name. Oops...

Next up: the cards repping my personal trainer side.  Just haven't deiced if I want to brand myself yet or not... Or more accurately, what as.  I could, after this blog, "Savage" - which I kinda like (apparently "Mongol" tests as more offensive/confusing.  So much for beating clients with the flat of a broadsword) - but how many times should I want to explain that its origin comes from my stripper name and what does that do to my credibility?  Also, do I care?  (PROTIP:  probably not.)

Still, open to ideas there for now.

That is all.

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