Thursday, November 4, 2010


This blog took two days to make.
Not because I was coding or learning how to code or was previously illiterate 2 days ago.  No, it is because every single brain child of a name for it was already taken by some other jag.  Seriously  the WORST people on earth have all my good names.   I checked up on them - absolutely terrible!
One went to a suicidal dude, another has only been posted in once.  Ever.  Third seems dead now (the blog not the person.  Though obviously I can't promise the latter), but formerly used by a hippie.  It just went on like this, each a trainwreck in its own right.  It was distressing.

So eventually I did what every situation calls for - I turned to strippers and science.  Using the time-honoured and tested wholly scientific tradition of uncovering one's stripper name (name of first pet, plus first street you lived on) I have dubbed this experiment:  Tiger Savage.  Yeah, that's my stripper name, not even kidding.

Tiger was my tabby cat.  Savage Rd, Newmarket was the first street I can remember living on.
Okay, to be fair I was born and raised for two or three years in Toronto first, before being kidnapped and forced to move to the boonies (by the very parents I trusted!  But more on that some other time).

Probably  due to the extreme partying and debauchery in my infancy, I have no idea what the first street I technically lived on is called.  Was called.  Who knows?  I do recall a balcony though.  There was no dividing wall between the balconies at our first apartment building, just a small "bump-thing" that did little to keep me from wandering into neighbouring apartments.  But I digress.  In any event, "Tiger balcony" will not be my stripper name.

So where were we?  Here?  Okay, soon I'm going to say "I hope you enjoy this little experiment" (meaning this blog), but honestly, between you and me, I only hope you enjoy it, dear reader.  All those other readers - screw those guys.  This is just for you.

So.  I hope you enjoy this little experiment.

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