Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things That Are and Should Be

Oh my.  
I have discovered one of the greatest things anyone who grew up on pop bands from the 90s can:

Yeah.  It's a thing and it's REAL.  
Oh.  My.  
She was my favourite too (incidentally, shortly followed by Mel C).  After I stopped laughing I swore that if I ever got a PS3 or Kinect this would be the first thing I purchase.  Not to get fit, no.  That would just be frivolous money spending then.  Not to mention impossible, because I can't get over how amazingly awesome-hilarious I find this.  I would probably just sit in front of it and drink Long Island iced-teas while she yells at me.  Aw man, if there was a Get Trashed with Mel B I would be all over that so fast…

Speaking of which, other things I would like to see in this genre of gaming:

Get Loaded with Jamie P

Get Classy with The Rock

Get Airborne with Lucy Lawless
(Not to be confused with Xena, who can not fly.)

Get Straight with Adam West

Be Narrated by Morgan F 

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