Sunday, January 2, 2011

Totally Not Filler

Honestly, I don't really care to write anything, but a New Year's post just sort of seems like the thing to do.  So that said, here's my 2011 cocktail which I've recently recovered from:

  • 1 blue dress
  • 1 pair black 3" boots
  • 2 parts champagne
  • 4 parts screwdriver
  • 4 parts Jack of All Trades, Muppets Christmas Carol, Blade, Clueless
  • 2 parts board & card games
  • 1/2 part accidental B&E
  • 2 parts old friends
  • 1 part new friends
  • 1 part random friends
  • Umpteen parts vodka & mystery vodka
  • Many parts dancing
  • 1 awful beer
  • 1 part street justice
  • 1 part CO-PILOT.
I'd give it 3 1/2 to 4 stars. Feel free to adjust to tastes.

[Warning.  There is a reason this is only done once a year not that often.  Not meant for pregnant women, children, or those with weak constitutions.  Make sure to book off an appropriate amount of time for the aftermath.  This establishment recommends at least 1, if not 2 days.  We take no responsibility for your actions at any point.]

Happy New Year.

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